The Secret of Eggs

Once you have eggs you are rich and I don't mean golden eggs and there in lies the secret.

“Once you can make a creme anglaise, a bernaise and a mayonnaise, you can cook” - John Desmond

Eggs and their magic
Eggs will yield many a good recipe, a carbonara, a custard and a mayonnaise to name but a few. If you can master the technique of making one and/or all of the above without scrambling the eggs in the process, you will truly reach your peak in relation to cooking and you'll feel like you can try anything!

Most of the best recipes are derived from the egg and the technique of forming a crème anglaise - once you master this you will be able to turn out the unimaginable such as panacottas to accompany a berry compote, crème brûlées to dunk your biscotti, a hollandaise to pour over your fish or a bernaise to mop up with your chips... the possibilities are endless.

Always remember once you are finished preparing to put cling film directly onto your sauce so as not to form a crusty layer and place in a cold water bath or the cooking process will continue and you will be left with scrambled eggs!

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