The Strand Cahore Tiramisu

The Strand Custard (see recipe)
500g Mascarpone
500ml Strong espresso coffee
6 tblsp Dark Rum
100g Dark Chocolate Drops
2 tblsp Cocoa Powder


Make the Strand Custard as per recipe and set aside to cool
In a large bowl stir mascarpone until 'creamy' in texture and soft
Gradually add the mascarpone to the custard and beat together gently
Leave this mixture aside as this is now your cream!

In a large flat shallow Pyrex dish, pour your coffee and rum mixture
Break up the trifle sponge into finger sizes and quickly and briefly soak in this mixture and take out immediately and add to your serving dish/glass (they absorb the liquid very quickly so don't make them soggy and sloppy!)
Now add your 'cream on top of a layer of the sponge and some crushed dark chocolate drops, then another layer of sponge and so on!
Repeat this process until your dish/glass is full then dust with cocoa powder

*Note this recipe contains raw eggs

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