Ingredients (multipy by amount required)

225g Smoked Cods Roe
1/2 Juice of lemon
150ml Olive oil
150ml Groundnut oil other flavourless oil
a little boiling water
1 clove garlic crushed
1 level tables spoon chopped parsley

Before you start, soak the cod's roe in cold water for at least a couple of hours
Rinse and drain it thoroughly before peeling off skins
Put the roe in a mixing bowl and mash it first to a pulp using a fork
Mix with an electric mixer at top speed, gradually pouring in the lemon juice
Start adding the oils a drop at a time (still whisking as you would making custard!)
Keep adding oil until the mixture becomes solid and dry, forming lump and working its way up the sides of the bowl
At this stage you can start to beat in a litte boiling water say 55mls at a time or just enough to turn mixture to soft mousse
Don't add the water before the mixture has become solid or it will separate
Finally, add crushed garlic and parsley and serve with croutons or warm pitta and greek olives

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