Summer Solstice Celebration

Summer Solstice Celebration Breakfast 2022

21st June 2022

Sunrise at 5.06am
Breakfast served from 5.30am to 8.00am last orders

We are looking forward to our Summer Solstice Celebrations this year on Sunday 21st June, which marks the longest day of the year with sunrise from 5.06am.

This year, we would like to celebrate with sunrise breakfast in The Cliff Garden overlooking the sea, weather permitting but can move indoors should we experience a north easterly wind as we did last year.

Breakfast can be booked from 5.30am and ordered from our a la carte breakfast menu on the morning.

We will have our fire pits lighting and blankets to keep you warm, however please do feel free to bring your own warm blankets, umbrellas and anything that makes you comfortable!

Some of our guests take a dip in the sea or jump off the pier to mark this special day where sunrises are especially momentous and memorable from our viewpoint overlooking the Wicklow Mountains over to Tara Hill where a beautiful picture is painted by the rising sun over the sea.

The Summer Solstice is the day of the year with the longest daylight – with this day in 2022 having approximately 16 hours and 42 minutes of daylight. It is the transition of Spring to Summer and in ancient times was seen as a time to banish evil spirits, through the light of the sun. The ancient people of Ireland would use this time to pray for good harvest, as it was halfway through growing season and being the time of change, nature and new beginnings, it was also associated with fertility... take this how you wish!

We look forward to welcoming you


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