Sea Food Chowder


1 bag Chowder Mix
3 Carrotts diced
2 Onions diced
1/2 bunch Celery diced
2 ltrs Milk
4 heaped tblspns Flour
100ml white wine

Sweat all of the vegetables on a very low heat with 100g butter and 2 tbsp oil, salt and pepper until soft
When all veg is soft add 4 table spoons (heaped) flour and all of the veg will start to stick (like a roux)
Add 100mls white wine
Add 2ltrs milk
Cook nice and low until it starts to thicken

On a large frying pan add the chowder mix with a splash of oil (don't cook thoroughly IE do not break up… keep its shape)
Divide the milk mixture into 2 x 3ltr containers and then add your fish to each container (evenly)

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