Stage 1

6 Egg Yolks
50g Castor Sugar
1 Level dessert spoons of cornflour
1 Dessert Spoons Organic Vanilla Extract
570ml Cream

Stage 2

Mix cornflour and castor sugar together in a stainless bowl
Add in egg yolks and vanilla essence and wisk together with balloon whisk
In a pot put cream on to heat
Once the cream is hot start to add very very slowly and whisking all the time to your stainless bowl egg mixture
You MUST add this slowly and whisk, slowly and whisk to avoid curdeling of the mixture
One you have added all of the hot cream to the stainless bowl and whisked, pour this directly back in to the pot and put on heat
You MUST whisk this at all times or it will 'scramble' like eggs
One you mixture has bubbled and is 'thick' enough, it is ready
Put the mixture back in the stainless bowl as this will be cool by now
Always put clingfilm directly on to the custard (no air bubbles) to avoid it forming a skin

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