Christmas Cake Recipe 2016

Stage 1

340g Raisins
340g Sultanas
340g Currants
60g Mixed Peel
85g Cherries chopped
100g Almonds chopped

Put all ingredients in a large glass bowl, pour a cup of brandy or whiskey over and cover with clingfilm
Leave overnight for the alchol to absorb and swell the fruit

Stage 2

8" Cake Tin
Baking Paper
Tin Foil

Put 1 x round tin foil on the bottom of the tin
Put 2 x round baking paper on the bottom of the tin
Measure 8" of baking paper and fold in 3 lengthways
Cut little folds into the length with a scissors so that it will sit into your tin correctly
Brush the outside of the length of paper with butter so that it will stick to the inside of your tin

Stage 3

225g Plan Cream Flour
1/4 level tea spoon Salt
1 level tea spoon Mixed Spices

Sieve all of the ingredients in to a bowl

Stage 4

226g Butter cubed
226g Soft brown sugar
1 table spoon Black Treacle
4 eggs Beaten

In a bowl, mix the sugar & butter together with an electric mixer or 'Kitchen Aid' until pale and creamy
Add the eggs, a small bit at a time so as not to 'curdle' the mixture
Once you have finished adding the eggs, add in the treacle

Once all of the above is mixed, add 1 table spoon of the flour mix at a time

Stage 5
Pour the mixture in to your prepared tin and place in a 140° pre-heated oven for 3 hours, lowering the temperature at this point for a further 1 hour or until skewer comes out clean!

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