Brown Seaweed Bread


2 teaspoons Dulse Seaweed
170g Howards Extra Course Flour
170g Plain White Flour
1/2 teaspoon Sea Salt
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Linseed
1/2 teaspoon Bread Soda
290ml Full Fat Plain Yoghurt
30g Butter in cubes
1 tablespoon Milk

Preheat the oven to 200C.
Tip the flours, salt, baking powder, linseed, bicarbonate of soda and Dulse into a large mixing bowl and stir
Add the butter and rub in with your fingertips, creaing small breadcrumbs
Make a well in the centre and pour in the yoghurt, mixing quickly with a large fork to form soft dough
Add a little milk if the dough seems too stiff, but it should not be too wet or sticky
Turn onto a lightly floured surface and knead for up to 5 minutes using your hands
Shape into a ball and place onto a floured baking tray or baking stone
Cut a cross on the top, brush with milk and bake for 30-35 minutes, or until the loaf sounds hollow when tapped

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